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Neil Padgett

An avid, curious collector, Neil Padgett has satisfied his desire to find and gather rare antiques through worldwide travel. From sword  canes to antique switchblades to custom knives, his interests are many.

His collecting began as a child in Pee Dee, South Carolina, where he  maintained a menagerie in the backyard, complete with a skunk, a fawn,  and various dogs and small animals he befriended. As an adult, Neil  began collecting antique switchblades and sword canes.

Neil’s interest  in rare and unusual cutlery stimulated his interest to find more when  digging around antique stores and going to auctions.


Rob Blanton

Business Manager

I have been a avid knife collector for most of my life. For the last 35 years I have collected everything from antique switchblades and contemporary production made knives, to high end hand made custom art knives. Since 1999 I have been the owner and operator of, a leading purveyor of high end custom automatic knives.